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I feel I must post this..
Mostly because I haven't said anything in a while, and this is supposed to be a test run of Live Journal, and I can't really test run the site without using the site. So, I must post this entry.

A lot and not a lot happening all at the same time. I'm busy pretty much all the time, but its never anything out of the ordinary. This makes me feel like nothing is happening and then !WHAM! a ton of time has passed by, I'm getting grades back on things I don't much remember completing, and I'm receiving deadline e-mails about completely new things.

I am also have a ton of moments where I have been told to do something and then am dead convinced I have done it... until the day before the deadline I get this e-mail that reminds me I haven't done it yet.  The information or task or whatever has just been sitting around in my head or on my computer waiting to be sent where it is supposed to go and I just never sent it on. I feel bad for these little tasks: they must be beyond confused.

In other news, I have done a GREAT DEAL of book planning in time for NaNoWriMo 2009.  And this is good considering it starts on Sunday.  I have almost the entire story arc outlined (minus a few inspiring details to keep me hooked through November) and I even have the basic idea behind the sequel, so I really do have a point to head towards. I have the beginning, the middle, and the ending. I have the parts between the beginning and the middle. I do not have the stuff that happens between the middle and the end. That climax-y stuff. That's going to be my, "Stay with us, Stay with us!" motivating content for the month. I got to have SOMETHING to keep me interested. Plus, I haven't written anything as my characters yet and who they are will really motivate that whole chunk.

In other other news, I did finally e-mail title ideas to my advisor about my thesis paper. Considering the programs are due at the printers tomorrow morning and I have to, have to have a title by midnight tonight, my next post will be able to reveal the title. This is happy, happy news to me. Also, I have plans to write a big chunk of my paper this weekend. In fact, I generally have plans to write my thesis paper along side my NaNo story. I feel that if I can somehow dedicate an hour block of time to them each, at a minimum, a night, then I will be able to blow through both relatively quikcly. Everytime I have won NaNo I have done so in the first half of the month, and considering I have to have the first draft of my thesis done by the 12th, writing them side-along doesn't seem like such a bad idea. As long as Thesis gets hour one and I don't quit when I'm on a roll. Also, Thesis gets a two day head start. :)  [Cheater, cheater pumpkin eater.]

In triple other news, the 6th installment of the House of Night series, Tempted,  was released this past Tuesday (10/27). Yes, I did stop everything to read through the whole book. It was very much in the same vein of their other books, fast paced and a lot of plot happening over a very short time span. The ending made me cry, like I'm pretty sure every ending they have ever had has done. They have killed more people, but this should not come as any surprise. They have threatened to kill more people, and again, this should not come as any surprise. Something I finally was able to pin down about why I appreciate this series so much while finding the characters genuinely infuriating 8 pages out of 10 is that P.C. and Kristin Cast have truly nailed the teenager role. As much as I will always love novels where teens are surprisingly mature, very adept at making difficult decisions, and truly capable of saving the day on their own, I cannot help but love that the Cast characters slip into petty fights, near breakdowns, and backstabbing motifs because they are still seventeen and still in high school, and at the heart of it, that's what high school is. I love that each of these characters steps up to squash all these things also and keep everyone sane and friendly, because that is also seventeen. It's the time when you realize that being petty, letting your feelings get hurt, and not just being so thankful for what you've got starts to end and you truly start growing up.  It's the age of first gaining wisdom, and Zoey and her friends truly do that and do that just like real-live teenagers do.   With that being said, though, I must make sure everyone knows that I am squarely on the side of James Stark for Zoey's #1 man, though. I just think that should be taken into consideration. :)  

So now, I am going to hunt down an early dinner, watch some TV because I have done entirely too much reading this week ( I pumped out Tempted in 7 hours straight), and then head on back to school for Senate tonight.  Then its home again for laundry, lots of cider, and paper writing.  

Happy end of October.



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