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Thursday, Thursday.
This is a test run to see if Live Journal will work for me better on this attempt than the last time I used LJ, about three years ago. I hope that things I have changed since then (most likely my own ability to function in the blog world.)

Nothing to important to say, just a few updates about life in the ATX.

Currently reading Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan. I am only five chapters in and will give a full review of it when I finish, but at this point I am very, very happy to be reading it. It's a good sign that I force myself awake an extra half hour each night to read a chapter. My attention is very captivated. [Following: Leviathan trailer for those who haven't heard of this masterful book.]

Other news: NaNoWriMo begins in 9 or so days. I am planning a novel, somewhat frantically, but more in depth than I ever had in the past. Being that I am coupling writing this novel in a month along side writing and presenting my senior thesis in the first 3 weeks of November, I think I am going to need a little more guidance to survive. And I am determined to survive.
It's going to be an urban fantasy novel, cross-over between modern day assumptions and mythology (my favorite type of novel to read.) I am going to have the names of all my main/important/super supporting characters and the first two major scenes outline/known by the end of the day. I am going to have my story arc complete (10 scenes) by the time Halloween ends and the month of craziness begins.

Final News:
I have officially written words in my senior thesis and this is exciting. More or less, I am no longer stalling starting. I have started. Some might argue I started when I began my research, but doing research means NOTHING when I have a 35 page paper due the first week of December and a presentation over the whole project on the 20th of November. This means even if the paper is due in December, it has to be roughly (and less rough than rough) by mid-November. Thank goodness that my presentation is before Thanksgiving break. That's a gift.
My thesis concerns a topic I am very interested in and supremely invested in, which makes adding something of worth to the on-going conversation very frightening. I will take the first step to moving beyond just a student learning to becoming a contributor to the very thing I spend all my time reading up about. Other rhetoricians have demanded action within the University level in incorporating new media technologies into our composition of texts, and I have decided to answer that call in my project. Also frightening. But also completely awesome and I am very excited to see where the project takes me. But now it's time to stop talking about where this project is going to go and see where this project is going to go.

More to come later on this week. Tonight is popcorn ball making extravaganza for girls' night with Sami and Hannah. And at some point, catch up on Glee.

peace, BMK


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